Behind The Lens With @carajourdan

Make sure you are comfortable! I find I am most confident and feel my best when my outfit fits just right, and I don't have to pull anything up or down or feel like it is too tight...Confidence and a smile makes you just stand out and shine!

Scarlett Sequin Group in Champagne / Silver

I am a sun lover, so I am happiest wherever I am warm. That means at home in Vancouver in the summertime, surrounded by friends and family, and exploring the globe during the winter following the sun.

I am off to Greece for Yacht Week first, and then I will be exploring Mykonos & Milos before heading to one of my favourite places, Scopello in Sicily after that. In August, I am off to Ibiza & Mallorca.

Scarlett Sequin Midaxi Skirt in Champagne / Silver

I completely adore the Scarlett Sequin Gown and can't wait to wear it in Europe this summer!

Scarlet Sequin Midi Dress in Champagne / Silver
Scarlett Sequin Gown in Champagne / Silver
Scarlett Sequin Mini Dress in Champagne / Silver

Scarlett Sequin Midi Dress



Scarlett Sequin Gown



Scarlett Sequin Mini Dress