I’ll be wearing my sequinned skirt to weddings with a white T-shirt and a pair of strappy low heels. I also like the idea of wearing it more casually with trainers and a navy jumper.

I love the array of linen pieces that are available at the moment – it’s a fabric that’s had a real resurgence this season. Despite my aversion to ironing, which seems inconducive with a love of linen, I like how summer-ready it feels. It’s so lightweight and breathable, and works as well with a pair of espadrilles as it does chunky sandals or trainers.

I love this sequinned skirt, part mermaid, part Marc Bolan, but I bought the Whisper dress – an embroidered full-skirted tulle style – as a bridesmaid dress last year and I still love it. The way it moves and the embroidery makes it feel special and the silhouette is so flattering.

Never buy anything that doesn’t make you want to do a dance. If you try it on in the changing room, look and the mirror and it feels so good you want to dance, then it’s a goer. It’s a rule that separates the wheat from the chaff.

I’m really into No Such Thing As Fish at the moment. It’s made by the people behind QI (so the team who make Stephen Fry look even smarter) and the presenters talk about a new weird fact they’ve found that week – the title of the show might be its best fact, the idea that different types of fish are so different to one another in terms of DNA that it’s actually difficult to define what a “fish” actually means. I know it’s not very original, but I’m an avid subscriber of Desert Island Discs and Dear Sugars too.

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