AW21 Collection

Introducing AW21, the ‘Nostalgic Sentiments’ collection.
Inspired by a series of hand embroidered postcards from Paris sent in the 1900’s, the collection is made with love and sentiment - with its iconic signature styles and romantic details throughout.

Look 1

Pretty Pointelle Knit Scoop Mini Dress

£396.00 GBP

Look 2

Lily Bloom Ankle Gown

£649.00 GBP

Look 3

Sweetheart Lace Gown

Look 4

Lily Bloom Ankle Gown

£649.00 GBP

Look 5

Vintage Ditsy Ruffle Gown

Look 6

Textured Knit Sleeveless Mini Dress

£379.00 GBP

Look 7

Shimmer Primrose Gown

£544.00 GBP

Look 8

Violet Shimmer Ankle Gown

£708.00 GBP

Look 9

Aurelia Long Sleeve V-Neck Gown

£573.00 GBP

Look 10

Camellia Ditsy Ankle Gown

£696.00 GBP

Look 11

Valentine Ruffle Gown

£544.00 GBP

Look 12

Vintage Ditsy Valentine Ruffle Gown

Look 13

Tempest Strapless Bodice Gown

£410.00 GBP

Look 14

Filigree Lace Sequin Ankle Gown

Look 15

Aurelia Long Sleeve Ballerina

£527.00 GBP

Look 16

Primrose Gown

£544.00 GBP

Look 17

Valentine Ruffle Gown

£544.00 GBP

Look 18

Vintage Ditsy Valentine Ruffle Micro Mini Dress

Look 19

Rose Dream Ankle Gown

Look 20

Camellia Ditsy Mini Dress

Look 21

Primrose Long Sleeve Midaxi Dress

£462.00 GBP

Look 22

Shimmer Primrose Mini Dress

£433.00 GBP

Look 23

Valentine Ruffle Micro Mini Dress

£421.00 GBP

Look 24

Vintage Ditsy Strapless Bodice Gown

Look 25

Vintage Ditsy Ruffle Mini Dress

Look 26

Violet Shimmer Micro Ankle Gown

£573.00 GBP

Look 27

Lily Bloom Mini Dress

£509.00 GBP

Look 28

Camellia Ditsy Strapless Corset Ankle Gown

Look 29

Aurelia Long Sleeve Mini Dress

£450.00 GBP

Look 30

Filigree Lace Sequin Mini Dress

Look 31

Filigree Lace Sequin Strapless Ankle Gown

Look 32

Lily Bloom Mini Dress

£509.00 GBP

Look 33

Valentine Ruffle Micro Mini Dress

Look 34

Violet Shimmer Strapless Corset Gown

£893.00 GBP

Look 35

Rose Dream Mini Dress

Look 36

Vintage Ditsy Cotton Micro Mini Dress

Look 37

Vintage Ditsy Cotton Smocked Midaxi Dress

Look 38

Filigree Lace Sequin Short Cape

Look 39

Camellia Ditsy Short Cape

Look 40

Violet Shimmer Short Cape

£293.00 GBP

AW22 The Queen Of Flowers Lookbook

Inspired by the story of Aphrodite’s tears – this contemporary collection embodies the beauty of the rose, with its statement colour palette of red, black and pink. The edit also offers an impressive assortment of shapes and silhouettes – making it the perfect event-ready collection.

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